Scatterings of media phenomenology (and a new book on the vitality of mediation)

One of the founding premises of Conditions of Mediation as a preconference is that work on the phenomenology of media, technology and communication has been scattered. But within that scattering there is still plenty to read. We have highlighted some of these scatterings, at least those that appear in book form, in the Goodreads widget on the right. This only shows however the most recent 20 or so additions to the list, so please do check out the full list of readings. Suggestions for further additions are welcome (please email Scott Rodgers).

There happens to be one book released this month that’s worth highting – Kember and Zylinska’s Life After New Media: Mediation as a Vital Process – which argues that our enchantment with new objects of mediation, such as smart phones, iPods, Kindles, diverts attention from “the interlocking technical, social, and biological processes of mediation” as a condition of being in the world. More information can be seen by clicking on the link.