ConMed keynote Graham Harman speaking on architecture at UCL

HarmanFor those who would like a preview on a somewhat different subject, one of the keynotes for Condition of Mediation, Graham Harman, will be in London this week speaking on the possible implications of his object-oriented philosophy for thinking about art and architecture. The talk will take place on 27 February 2013 from 18:30-20:00 in the Christopher Ingold Auditorium, UCL Chemistry Building, 20 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0AJ. The abstract follows below.

Objects in Art and Architecture

In numerous fields, including art and architecture, it has become popular to reject the conception of static or isolated objects in favor of models based on relationality or dynamic liquid flows. I will argue that such approaches are already dated, and will defend an alternative, object-oriented standpoint.