Thank you… and looking forward

Thank_You_001With the sun well and truly set on a hectic June conference season, we would like to sincerely thank all those who presented and participated in the Conditions of Mediation ICA preconference. Though it was a particularly intense day in ideas as well as format, we made the utmost of that intensity.

The event, as we said on the day, was a beginning rather than an end. One way it will continue, we hope, is in the form of an edited publication stemming in part from the proceedings. Preparations are currently underway to make this a reality. We also hope that the presenters and participants will have been inspired by what was said and heard at the preconference, and carry on with their own related further work and projects, across a range of venues and platforms.

In that spirit, this website will over the next year continue to evolve and be updated. We soon expect to have a video of the keynote symposiums, which will be made available here. From time to time, we will also add blog posts relevant to the relationships of phenomenology (broadly defined) and media, technology and communication. We also hope and expect that this website will be able to serve as a platform to promote the edited book which will emerge from the event. Other suggestions on how we use the website are certainly welcome, and should be sent to Scott Rodgers at