Video now available: Conditions of Mediation keynote dialogues

Note: below you will find more specific links, through which you may advance to the remarks of specific speakers

At long last, we are pleased to provide an edited video recording of the two keynote symposiums from Conditions of Mediation, an ICA preconference which took place in London on 17 June 2013. The first symposium includes short papers from Graham Harman, Lisa Parks and Paddy Scannell and the second symposium includes short papers from Shaun Moores, Nick Couldry and David Berry. We think that the speakers’ contributions – along with the debate and discussion which followed – provides an excellent snapshot of current thinking on the links between phenomenological approaches and media theory.

Listeners should note that the less-than-ideal microphone quality you will hear initially is a technical glitch – the sound quality improves considerably about 7 minutes into the video clip.

While we’d obviously hope you are interested in the wide span of debates, using the links below you can advance directly to a particular speaker or stage of the discussion:

Conference Introduction

McLuhan and phenomenology
Graham Harman, American University of Cairo

Signal territories: broadcast infrastructure, Google Earth, and phenomenology
Lisa Parks, University of California Santa Barbara

To the things themselves: thoughts on the phenomenology of media
Paddy Scannell, University of Michigan

Keynote Symposium 1 discussion

Digital orientations: reconceptualising everyday media use, beginning with movements of the hands and fingers?
Shaun Moores, University of Sunderland

Phenomenology and critique: why we need a phenomenology of the digital world
Nick Couldry, Goldsmiths, University of London

Phenomenological approaches to the computal: some reflections on computation
David Berry, Swansea University

Keynote Symposium 2 discussion

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