New film by Catalin Brylla: Zanzibar Soccer Dreams

Catalin Brylla – a chapter author in Conditions of Mediation – has co-directed a new feature documentary film with Florence Ayisi (University of South Wales). Zanzibar Soccer Dreams continues where Ayisi’s 2007 documentary Zanzibar Soccer Queens left off, exploring the emergence of women’s football across Zanzibar. It tells the story of how the country’s first women’s football club (Women Fighters) contended with conservative religious and cultural views related to sport and gender, as well as the experience of featuring in the original film.

In his contribution to Conditions of Mediation, Brylla engages with another of his documentary works, Material Experiences, a film exploring the mediation of blind peoples’ subjectivity through filmic mediation. Brylla is interested in the various transformations of meaning that take place from sites of filmmaking to audiencing, exploring these processes by creating a dialogue between phenomenology and cognitive film theory. This involves, for Brylla, thinking about both pro-filmic subjectivity and depicted subjectivity. The former is that which the filmmaker observes as part of their encounter with the subject, whereas the latter should be seen as a treatment of pro-filmic subjectivity, in film form, seeking to provoke that experience in the viewer as well.

It you’d like to find out more about Zanzibar Soccer Dreams, here’s the trailer: