Theorizing media phenomenologically
Tim Markham and Scott Rodgers

Part I: Critical Dialogues

First Dialogue

McLuhan and phenomenology
Graham Harman

Signal territories: Broadcast infrastructure, Google Earth, and phenomenology
Lisa Parks

To the things themselves: Thoughts on the phenomenology of media
Paddy Scannell


Second Dialogue

Digital orientations: Movement, dwelling and media use
Shaun Moores

Phenomenology and critique: Why we need a phenomenology of the digital world
Nick Couldry

Phenomenological approaches to the computal: Some reflections on computation
David M. Berry


Part II: Bodies, Technics, Agency

1. Techno-phenomenology, medium as interface, and the metaphysics of change
Shane Denson

2. What can the body know of photography?
Eve Forrest

3. Mobile media and mediation: A relational ontology of Google Glass
Ingrid Richardson and Rowan Wilken

4. Media in and out of time: German media science and the concept of time
Tim Barker

5. Conducting medial wills to power: A phenomenological critique of intellectual property
Daniel Sutko

Part III: Spaces, Places, Environments

6. Structures of experience: Media, phenomenology, architecture
Joel McKim

7. From place to non-place: A phenomenological geography of everyday living in media cities
Zlatan Krajina

8. Mediated orientation: Phenomenology and the ambivalence of everyday (diasporic) space
Eyal Lavi

9. Finding time for Goffman: When absence is more telling than presence
Kenzie Burchell

Part IV: Meaning, Politics, Ethics

10. Chickens that like Pink Floyd: Media physicalism and the experience of new technology
Brenton J. Malin

11. Interactive world disclosure (or, an interface is not a hammer)
Roy Bendor

12. Mediating subjectivity through materiality in documentary practice
Catalin Brylla

13. Becoming quiet: On mediation, noise cancellation and commodity quietness
Matthew F. Jordan