Conditions of Mediation is a preconference of the International Communication Association’s 2013 Annual Conference. Preconference registration will therefore be administered centrally through the ICA main conference website.

The standard preconference registration is US$130 (£85 approximately). On a first-come basis, we will also be making available up to 25 student rebates of 50% off the standard registration fee (see below for details on claiming one of these limited rebates).

To register, you must follow these steps:

  1. Visit the ICA main conference registration facility
  2. Unless you are an ICA member, you will need to create an ICA record. Under ‘Record Search’ enter your name
  3. If you find no pre-existing record for yourself, you are then able to select ‘Create New Profile’
  4. Once you have created a profile, you can either join ICA as a new member’ (this would useful for those planning to also register for the main conference as it gives you access to a reduced rate), or if you don’t want to become an ICA member, you can simply register for the preconference as a non-member by clicking ‘Register for Any Conference Event’ at the bottom of the page
  5. Conditions of Mediation is listed as ‘PC8’ on the long list of registration items related to the ICA conference

For registrants seeking to claim a 50% student rebate:

  1. Complete the registration process outlined above
  2. Forward proof of your registration (e.g. the confirmation email you will be send by ICA after registering for the preconference) to Scott Rodgers at
  3. After the event, you will be contacted by Birkbeck administrative staff who will provide you with a reimbursement form to claim back 50% of the standard registration fee

Note that the ICA conference website will only process online registrations until end of day on 11 June 2013.